We are a dynamic
team of business people
& agrobusiness & technical experts.

We provide financial and business services to african farmers in West Africa and resellers of food supplies in local and international markets.

We are headquartered in Senegal and Dubai.
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Financial help

We evaluate the need of West African cooperatives and provide them with financial help to help them achieve a sustainable growth.

Connecting supply and demand

Local farmers need to meet trustworthy resellers. Resellers need to be able to buy high-quality products. We provide to both parties the guarantee of a reliable, safe, and fair business relationship.

Promoting excellence

We create a platform for local african producers to display their knowledge and promote top quality products from our continent.
How do we work ?

Our teams in Senegal and Dubai works with local and international actors to promote sustainable agriculture and fair trade.

Financing farmers

Our first step is to make sure the local African farmers have access to fair credit options to ensure their production.

Connecting people

Once the production is on the rails, we connect farmers, local and international resellers to make sure the produced goods are sold at the best price.

Development & communication

We offer a platform for local producers where they can display their knowledge and processes to obtain top quality products.
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